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The Parke at Ocean Pines

The Parke
2 Arcadia Court
Ocean Pines, MD 21811
(410) 208-4994


The Parke at Ocean Pines Community Association, Inc.

Book of Resolutions

Table of Contents

To view the documents, click on the link on the LEFT side of the title. For example, (P-01).

Note: The documents listed in this Table of Contents represent the current resolutions enacted by the Board of Directors . Hard-copies of these documents are in the Book of Resolutions maintained by the Secretary of the Association and on file in the Clubhouse.

Resolutions in bold type marked with an * are on file in the document depository at the County Courthouse in Snow Hill, MD.

Policy Resolutions: Resolutions that affect owners’ rights and obligations.

P-01 Declaration of Restrictions*-19990921

P-02 The Bylaws of The Parke at Ocean Pines*- 20160120

P-03 Articles of Incorporation*-20000216

P-04 Community Constitution*-20000410 (recorded in the Maryland Land Records)

P-05  Initial Community Codes*-20000711

P-06 Depository Statement*-20000811

P-07  Design Guidelines – 20180425

P-08 Resolution Assigning DRC Authority to Enter Residential Property for Inspection* -20060821

P-09 Mission and Vision Statement-20110119

P-11 Advertising Policy 20190227(A)*

P-12 Computer Usage Policy-20090415

P-13 Investment Policy – 20160224

P-14 Newsletter Policy- 20060118

P-15 Parking Policy* – 20150826

P-16A  HOA Common Area Reservation and Lease Policy *- 20180926(A)

P-16B HOA Activities and Clubhouse Usage Policy *- 20180926(B)

P-16C HOA Clubhouse Specific Rooms Usage Policy* – 20180926(C)

P-19 Snow Removal Policy 20190227(B)*

P-20 Due Process and Fine Policy* – 20190925B

P-22 Online Policy – 20190828

P-23 Yard Sale Policy – 20070314

P-24 Pet Policy* – 20140730

P-25 Trash Disposal and Collection* – 20150325

P-26 Collection Assessment* – 20180328

Administrative Resolutions: Resolutions that address the internal operations of the Association (For example: operating procedures and where board meetings will be held

A-01 Minutes of the Organization Meeting of the Board of Directors- 20000719

A-02 Resolutions Regarding Appointment or Resignation from Board

A-03 Procedures for Verifying Occupancy by Persons 55 and Older – 20010503

A-04 Community Founder Resolution: Increase Board from 3 to 5 – 20030523

A-05 Community Founder Resolution: Assignment of Design Review to Association -20030530

A-06 Initial Contribution Applicable to Subsequent Sales* -20080703

A-07 Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct – 20101215

A-09  Budget and Finance Advisory TOR 2016-12-19-A

A-10 Communications Advisory Committee Terms of Reference – 20190130

A- 11  Covenants Committee Terms of Reference – 20161219-C

A-12 Design Review Terms of Reference – 20180328

A-13 Nominating/Election Committee Terms of Reference -20190130

A-14 Operations Advisory Committee Terms of Reference- 20161219-E

A-15  Programs Advisory Committee Terms of Reference – 20161219-F

A-16 General Committee Procedures 20161219 – G

A-17 Financial Review Process – 20120822

A-18 Resolution to Change Principal Office or Resident Agent

A-20 Procedure for Due Process & Fine Policy – 20190925B

A-21  Procedures for Introducing, Approving, Maintaining, and Repealing Resolution of the Board of Directors Administrative Resolution Number – 20150506

A-22 Procedures for Convening and Conducting Closed Meetings of the Board of Directors and all Committees Administrative Resolution Number- 20150729

A-23 Usage of Prior Year Surplus Funds- 20141119 – A

A-24 Establishment of Contingency Operating Fund – 20141119 – B

A-25 Local Operating Bank Account and Debit Card – 20190828

A-26  Documents & Record Retention Policy 20170329

A-27 Procedure for Online/Website Policy – 20190828

A-29 Procedure for Snow Removal Policy – 20190227B


Special Resolutions: Resolutions stating BOD decisions that apply a policy or rule to an individual situation. (For example: a decision about an alleged rule violation or authorization of a lawsuit).

S-01 Corporate Resolution: Indemnification of Owner of Lot 125 from Loss or Expense 20011004

S-02 Corporate Resolution: Allowing Occupancy of 4 Fells Point Under Age 55 20030801

S-03 Corporate Resolution: Easement of Access Lot 267 20041122

S-04 Corporate Resolution: Allowing Occupancy of 27 Easton Under Age 55 20120430

S-05 Corporate Resolution:Allowing Occupancy of 6 Annapolis Ct. Under Age 55 20130123

S-06 Corporate Resolution: Allowing Occupancy of 20 Long Point Court Under Age 55 20130424

S-07 Corporate Resolution: Allowing Occupancy of 14 Carnegie Place Under Age 55

S-08 Corporate Resolution: Allowing Occupancy of 8 Tanglewood Ct Under Age 55

General Resolutions: Resolutions which involve routine events (For example: adoption of the annual budget or approval of a contract).

G-01 Corporate Resolution: Adoption of Revised Association FY 2000-2002 Budgets 20020211

G-02 Corporate Resolution: Excess Income Applied to Subsequent Year Assessments 20021231

G-03 Corporate Resolution: Transfer Uncollectible Assessments 20110727


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