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The Parke at Ocean Pines

The Parke
2 Arcadia Court
Ocean Pines, MD 21811
(410) 208-4994


Welcome to our Photo Gallery!

We encourage residents to submit photos to  the Gallery.  The photos received  are added to the Photo Gallery by Parke staff.  

2017 Crab Feast

2017 – Miscellaneous photos added to new website launch

2015- Red Hat Birthday Party

2015- Annual Continental Breakfast


2015 – Winter Holidays in The Parke

2015- Harvest Dinner


2015- Biltmore Estate Trip of 2015

2015- Halloween Happy Hour (Clubhouse)

2015-TailGate Party

2015- Still Rockin Band

2015- Welcome Bash

2015- Tangier Island Boat Trip

2014- Christmas in The Parke

2014 9th Annual Golf Tournament

2014 Annual Homeowner Association Meeting

Nominating Election Candidate Forum – April 2014

 St. Patrick Day – March 2014

Java Hour – January 10th – MAPS

Penguin Swim – January 2014

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Harvest Dinner – November 2013

December in The Parke – November 2013

Parke Retired Nurse Tea Party- November 2013


Parke Arts & Craft Fair- Saturday, November 2, 2013


Community Wide Garage Sale- Saturday, Oct. 2013


Penguin Swim Happy Hour – Sept. 2013


Spirit of Baltimore Trip – 2013


Spirit of Baltimore Trip- September 10, 2013


Community Fair- 2013

Community Fair Part II- 2013


Community Fair Part III-2013


Parko: 2013

Sunday in The Parke: Labor Day 2013

Welcome Bash of July 27, 2013



Annual 4th of July Picnic on Federal Hill – Submitted by Marcia Hirsch


Island Experience Tour on June 2013 – Coordinator Jeri Scott


Skip Jack Trip on June 5th, 2013 – Coordinator Jeri Scott


8th Annual Memorial Golf Tournament


Splash Party 0f 2013

Kristi Clarke- Welcome Party (New Employee)


General Manager, Abby Elliott’s Farewell Social – 2013


Mardi Gras Party of 2013


Dec. in The Parke: Two Celebrations in One.


Penguin Swim of 2013- Ocean City, MD on New Year’s Day – Part 2.


Penguin Swim of 2013- Ocean City, MD on New Year’s Day


Penguin Swim Unofficial Happy Hour – 2013


Thanksgiving Day Dinner of 2012


Oktoberfest of 2012


Volunteer Appreciation Dinner of 2012


Flying High Over The Parke


Cinco de Mayo – 2012


Community Fair – 2012


St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Celebration – 2012

Volunteerism Open House – October 14, 2011

Volunteers – We Can’t Do Without Them!!

(Photos submitted by Betty Green on behalf of the Communications Committee)


Labor Day Picnic



1. Tom Howerth and Bernie Kollar; 2. Steve Barber, Eddie Tewell, Fran Wilson, Walt Meehan; 3. Picnic; 4. Bernie Kollar, Steve Barber, Eddie Tewell, Dave Harris and Don Trovinger 5. Gary Meyer, Steve, Dave, Tommy Tewell cooking away; 6. Don Wilson and Joan Yeatman; 7. Marv Chaney and Bob Shayer


Where in The World Is The Parke Bench

1. Bob & Janet Green, Cruise; 2. Carol Ann Connors, Panama Canal; 3. Steve & Cathy Habeger, Paris; 4. Janet Kerner, Israel; 5. Bob & Diane McGraw, Preekness #136; 6. Pat Trovinger, Univ. of DE


Dan Kenny Golf Tournament 2011


Summer Beach Party 2011


10th Anniversary Celebration

Picture 1: Concetta Rumsberg, Debbie Bennington, early Parke resident Arlene Conway and Kay Shrum; 2: Diane Straka, Marie Buley, Lisa Schwartz; 3: Jim Angstadt; 4: The Matturos; 5: Paul Whitson; 6: Tom Weber and Tom Terry unveiling the Time Capsule; 7: Tom Weber, Tom Terry and Steve Habeger; 8: Diane McGraw


Gala 2011

Picture 1: Bob Bradford; 2: Bob Strauss; 3: Nancy Jarvis, Diane Straka, Diane McGraw; 4: The Greens; 5: Paddy Conway, Joan Wright; 6: The Kohlers; 7: Sir Rod; 8: Sylvia Angstadt


Annual Meeting May 11, 2011


April Java

Picture 1: F. Husman, B. Green, T. Tyndale, C. Robertson; 2: Dale Buley & Fred Husman; 3: Group; 4: Yum


Candidates Forum April 2, 2011

Picture 1: Dale Buley & Martin Baer; 2: Dale Buley; 3: Joe Marsden; 4: Kathy Mundie; 5: Nominees; 6: Tom Weber


Board of Directors Nominees for 2011

Joe Marsden, Tom Weber, Dale Buley


February Java: Safety

Picture 1: Betty Green; 2: Fred Husman & Mike Hampe; 3: Group; 4: Jim Angstadt, Abby Elliott, Chief Massey; Betty Green; 5: Lisa Schwartz


February Happy Hour with Back Bay Strummers

Picture 1: Gloria & Gene Edge; 2: Roger Black, Mike & Mary Henderson, Carol & Don Wilson; 3: Mary Husman, Lenora & Tom Urie, Paul & Joanie Mentz, Fred Husman; 4: Marv & Mary Chaney, Ardell & John McNult, Jim Young, Mimi Ward, John & Kimiko Murray; 5: Mike Dailey, back row center; 6: Pat Bradford; 7: Don Wilson, Jim & Sylvia Angstadt


8 Ball Tournament Jan 2011

Picture 1: Group shot-Back row, l. to r: Don Wilson, Gene Edge, Ron Merling, Roy Bieber, Dave Harris, Tony Stevens, Steve Barbour, Marv Chaney, Don Trovinger, Roger Black. Front row, winners GaryMeyers and Ray Asendorf; 2: Lunch time; 3: Marv Chaney; 4: Steve Barbour; 5: Winners Ray Asendorf and Gary Meyers


Red Hats Luncheon at Marian Deck Jan. 2011

Picture 1: :  Joyce Piatti, Cookie Walker, Cathy Habeger, Judy Tangredi; 2: Eve Exarhakis, Fil Cates, Janet Balbo, Lisa Schwartz, Phyllis Albern, Jan Bieber; 3: Jean Hoffman, Ardell McNult, Mary Chaney, Pat Hopkins; 4: Lin Dugan, Dot Jaeger, Donna McCracken, Kathy Hall, Lois West; 5: Group shot


January Java: Lifelong Education

Picture 1: CAC Chair Janet Kerner with WWCC presenters; 2: Janet, Gene Edge & Lois West; 3: Mary Husman, Cathy Habeger, Carol Baer, Mary Henderson; 4: Bonnie & Mike Hampe; 5: Sylvia Angstadt & Betty Green


Banned in Central Parke’s Christmas Show at The Woodlands

Picture 1: Dottie Ruth, Jim Angstadt, Barb and Mike Stevenson; 2: Group shot; 3: Bernie Kessler with “Santa” (aka Jerry Richards)

Penguins 2011 Team

Picture 1: Betty Copp, Joan Strauss, Lorayne Whitson; 2: Tom Weber, Mike Hampe; 3:Dave Stevens, Jim Angstadt, Tom Weber, Ray Unger, Tom Terry; 4: Diane McGraw, Joan Strauss;  5: Joan Gentile, Dave Stevens, Susann Palamera


Holiday Decorating #1

Picture 1: Donna McCracken, Joanie Kessler; 2: Pat Addy at the Tree Trimming Party 12/14/10.

Holiday Decorating #2

Picture 1: Kathy Price; 2: Dell Evans; 3: Group – kneeling: Peggy, Del, Pat and Kathy; -standing: Tom, Lenora, Donna, Joe; 4:Marv & Mary Chaney; 5: Ta-da! The tree is finished. 6: Olga & Peg Robinson; 7: Lenora Urie

Picture 1: Poker Party. LtoR: Rose Kemp, Mary Lou Gerbes, Jan Nissen-Hawkins, Linda Campanelli, Wanda Ale and Carol McCool; 2: Jan Nissen-Hawkins, Carol McCool

Parko of 2010


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